Greenwich Wellness Rooms Supports Rebels Without Paws to Row the English Channel!

The Greenwich Wellness Rooms is a bespoke wellness centre based in Greenwich. They are committed to improving all aspects of wellbeing, and have an extensive team of experts to meet your every need.

Rebels Team Captain, Libby, is a Counsellor and Mindfulness Teacher at the Centre. Rowing the Channel was her brainchild, and Libby explains that “Training to be a mindfulness teacher has helped me experience things I might otherwise find terrifying!”.

If you’ve read our earlier Blogs, you’ll know that Libby swam the Channel last year and decided to ask her friends to take part in the latest challenge to raise funds for The AHOY Centre in Deptford. The AHOY, which helps empower disadvantaged young people to change their lives through sailing and rowing, has a huge impact in our local community.

The Greenwich Wellness Rooms have also stepped up to the challenge offering their services to our rowing team for free. A personal trainer will help with our fitness, a voice coach will train the crew’s Cox to project her voice; a nutritionist will ensure the team are eating well; and an osteopath will help improve our joints. This teamwork will ensure that we reach optimum wellness by the time we set off. Find out more about the services that Greenwich Wellness Rooms offers here.

Nicola Vanlint, Co-Founder and Psychotherapist at the Greenwich Wellness Rooms said: “We are focused on teamwork and improving wellbeing within the community, so couldn’t think of a better challenge to support than a team of rowers rowing to raise funds for a local charity committed to that cause.”

The Greenwich Wellness Rooms is based on the seven dimensions of wellness, which the challenge ties in with:

  • Physical – the challenge is intensely physical and will stretch the team
    • Emotional – Rowing the Channel will be an emotional journey
    • Social – the tean have bonded over our shared love of dog walking and have formed new relationships which have enabled this challenge
    • Occupational – some of the team work in the field of wellbeing including Libby, a trained counsellor
    • Intellectual – as we prepare to row the Channel we are learning new skills along the way
    • Spiritual – having the courage to take off in a boat together is a spiritual quest in many ways
    • Environmental – on the water, everyone is subject to the environment and has to work with the elements

Find out more about Greenwich Wellness Rooms’ commitment to wellness here.

We have now raised over half of our fundraising target of £12,000. Our next hosted event is Afternoon Tea at Severndroog Castle to celebrate the Royal Wedding! Tickets (£15.00 each) can be booked by emailing:

Support the Greenwich Wellness Rooms and the rowing team and donate to this worthy cause here.


On behalf of Rebels Without Paws